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Do you want to go on an adventure trip to Indonesia ? For those who are looking for adventure , a trip to Indonesia can be a real El Dorado. We hardly forget a volcano climb in Java , or a rafting trip in Bali, or a diving session in the heart of the coral reef and the marine mega-biodiversity of the Gili Islands. Explore, discover, learn and live new experiences and recharge your batteries with thrills , this is what awaits you during your trip to Indonesia!


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 The nature of Indonesia will make you speechless. The great diversity of landscapes and ecosystems will satisfy you. Wildlife is also honored in the archipelago and each island has its share of endemic species.

Between volcanoes, tropical forests, rice fields, mountains and beaches, you will not be bored during your trip to Indonesia. And if by chance, you had the desire to completely change the scenery, you can also go for a ride in the seabed of the country. These are bursting with life thanks to the coral reef that runs along it. Here are our examples of travel Nature Tour programs in Indonesia, Don’t hesitate to share your ideas with our team !


Whether you want to climb or just admire them from a sandy beach, the volcanoes of the archipelago are ubiquitous in both the landscape and the culture of the country. During your trip to Indonesia you will meet even villagers whose life is punctuated by the volcano.

You can find some of he famous Volcanoes of Indonesia listed here 

♦ Mount Batur and Mount Agung in BALI

♦ Mount Rinjani in LOMBOK

♦ Mount Bromo and Ijen in JAVA

but there is so much more, active and inactive volcanoes !!