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Trip to Java

Land of myth and mystery, the island of Java has always fascinated anthropologists and explorers. Economic, cultural and political center of Indonesia, it is the pulsating heart of the archipelago. As you move away from the bustling Jakarta, you will discover an island with splendid natural scenery, living to the rhythm of rich and demanding traditions.

From legendary volcanoes to secular temples (Borobudur, photo), from royal cities to idyllic beaches, Java is a perpetual invitation to travel because of all the facets of the island.

The temples of Borobudur and Prambanan , both UNESCO World Heritage sites because of their grandeur, architectural beauty, religious and spiritual value. As for traditions , they are transmitted through generations and crafts. Take a tour of the treasures that every city of Java has in its heart and then go relax on the flanks and the heart of the craters of the two most famous volcanoes of Indonesia. The Mount Bromo and its lunar landscape will surprise you as much as the emerald lake and the yellow fumarolescrater of Mount Ijen .

In conclusion Java is the unusual grandiose landscape and a still innocent relationship between the natives & foreigners very appreciable; you will be photographed as if you were stars as travelers are rare !