Rural Balinese Life & Farming

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Rural Balinese Life & Farming

Undisan Village - Bangli

This an authentic program located at the  Undisan Village in Bangli.

The program starts at 09.30 am in the morning, arrive at undisan village where you will be  welcome by a local balinese who will escort you around the village.

The journey starts by visiting the local elementary school of the village that will give you an overview of the indonesian education system !

Continue by walking to the inner side of the village through small village road and local people house.

After a 20 minutes walk, arrive at the village rice field area to explore and feel the daily life of the Balinese farmers. The first step is to plant the rice fields with a traditional plower that is pull by a pair of cows/buffalo (this traditional process is nowadays mostly replace by tractor machines).

Continue by planting the rice seed . It is very difficult u funny as you need a balancing movement !

Take a rest for while and enjoy a fresh young coconut water under the small Indonesian hut besides the ricefields.


Then proceed the activities by one hour soft trekking among the rice field, small valley as well as small plantation that will show limited number of local wild fruits. Finally finish the trekking at a village temple called Pura Dalem (temple of Siva God) and enjoy the authentic balinese lunch serve in a special place with ricefield view. In the afternoon continue the visit to a local balinese house to join a typical balinese activities such as making offering, a short balinese music course ( gamelan or Rindik ), to see complete balinese housing compound and at the end visit another local house that specialize working as silver and gold smith and producing many kind of jewelry for Balinese Dancer, Balinese bride and bridegroom.then back to your hotel arrive at 17.30