Mount Merbabu Trekking

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Mount Merbabu Trekking

Mount Merbabu is one of the most interesting trekking package in Central Java . It has five calderas, Sambernyowo, Rebab, Kendang, Kombang and Condrodimuko. Mt. Merbabu can be climbed from Kopeng in the northern slope, near to Semarang or from Yogyakarta passing Selo in the southern slope between Merbabu and Merapi and its closer to Solo .

Your itinerary:

You will depart your hotel a 20:00 pm from yogjakarta ( pick-up by our services) to Selo village “Camp Solo Trekkers”.

The treck will then start at midnight ( 6 hours trekking to summit)

You will arrive for sunrise on Syarif peak,the highest point of mount Merbabu (3.1oo m). Admire the view sipping a hot tea or cofee.

After this relaxing and exhilarating moment, it is time to make your way down to Selo village.