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Light from heaven

Jomblang is a cave with a vertical depth of approximately 60 meters. On the bottom there is an ancient forest that has a different vegetation with vegetation on the surface. Primeval forest was formed by geological processes and their land  existing vegetation on it to the earth that occurred thousands of years ago.

Cause sunlight can still get in, a variety of vegetation in the cave that can grow and develop until now. Ancient Forests Once down to the bottom of the cave.

Walk along the 300-meter tunnel that connects with Cave Jomblang Grubug where we can see the light of heaven. In the hallway we can find a rock crystal,the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites .

Truly beautiful and enchanting scenery. It’s really amazing.


Jomblang cave is located about 50 km southeast of Yogyakarta or about 10 km from Wonosari, the Capital District in South Mountain district. Semanu.


Participants must:

  1. have no historic of lung, asthma
  2. be in best physical condition.
  3. travel on his/her own risk.


Urgent Contact :
Sujata : +62 812-3862-099 / Gede Kusuma : +62 812-3832-181 / Rosi : +62 857-3807-7530