Full day cycling visiting Plantation & Batik Making

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Full day cycling visiting Plantation & Batik Making

Around 09.30 AM you will be picked up from your hotel in Jogjakarta for the start of your full day countryside tour.


Your first stop is Kampung Giriloyo, a village known for its intricate batiks which have been made there for hundreds of years. Under the guidance of a local craftsman, you will partake in a 2 hour course in one of the village houses using traditional techniques to create a one-of-a-kind batik.


Leave the village for a short 2-kilometer drive to Giriloyo. Proceed two kilometers to the southwest of Giriloyo and the village of Kebon Agung. This charming, rural village is located near an irrigation dam and you will take a one-hour cruise along the scenic river formed by the dam. 


Nearby is the agricultural village of Cadran where you will have a visit to the farmer’s museum and its impressive collection of old farming implements. This visit gives a unique insight into the farming culture of the Giriloyo area. You’ll then join with the local farmers in the fields to plant, plow or harvest rice (depending on the time of year). 


Around 16.00 proceed to Parangtritis beach to watch the sunset from the rock hill and enjoy the beautiful views as the sun casts its shadows over the wide expanse of sand dunes at the east of the beach.

Following sunset (if weather allows)