Borobudur from the Peak of Suroloyo

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Borobudur from the Peak of Suroloyo

The peak of suroloyo is the highest hill of Mount Menoreh it is 1,091 meters above sea level ! There you will be able to enjoy the scenery at the dawn and listen to the  magnificent birds songs .

Reaching this serenity place,  you have to pass about 20 kms of winding but well – paved  mountain road.

Several hilltops have to be climb, those 3 viewing posts namely Suroloyo, Sariloyo and Kaendran.

Suroloyo is the first meditating place to see ,  it can be reached by ascending 286 staircases at the slope of 300 – 600. If the fog does not block your view, you can see Borobud ur Temple, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu  and the view of Magelang city more clearly.

Suroloyo meditating place is the most legendary. The story tells that Raden Mas Rangsang who later was named Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusuma meditated in the place. In Cabolek book written by Ngabehi Yosodipuro in the eighteenth century, Sultan Agung received two divine inspirations. First, he will be the ruler of Java so that he was encouraged to walk westwards of Kotagede to reach Menoreh Mountains; second, he had to live asceticism in order to become a ruler.

Step further, you will see a different view and again some spots will magnify you as well the local life’s activity. In addition to the enchanting view, the Peak of Suroloyo also keeps myth. This peak is believed to be the center of the four directions in Java Island. Local people believe that this peak is the meeting point of two lines drawn from north to south and from west to east of Java Island. With the myth, history and its natural scenery, this place is worth visiting on the first day of the New Year.


Tour is followed by visiting  Borobudur temple.