Balinese Dance Course With Kids

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Balinese Dance Course With Kids

Half day

Departure from your hotel at 12.30 to be directly transfer to Blahbatuh village ( around 20 minutes from Ubud ).

There you will arrive in a small village dance studio, that was created by the local artist  Bapak. Ketut Sudirawan.

Here you will be introduce to the basic movement of the Balinese dance, with the description of the Balinese music instruments and also the customs and the make up for the Balinese dancer.

During this course you will join with many loal children from elementary and high junior school.

The class last for  2 hour , enjoy a lovely Balinese Tea time , cofffee / tea accompany by balinese cake.

Back to your hotel,and arrive around 17.30 to 18.00.