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De Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home

With an area of 14 acres, a Balinese house is constructed according to the traditional called “Asta Kosala Kosali”, which originally written on sacred palm leaves and interpreted by traditional architects, “Undagi”. The rule regulated about the room layout and buildings in the Vedas. Balines house itself also appearing the Balinese life philosophy called Tri Hita Karana, the three causes of prosperity, bringing about harmonious of relatinships between aspects Pahrayangan, Pawongan and Palemahan. Parahyangan element is a holy zone for praying in related with the creator; Pawongan means human or occupants of the house, while Palemahan is related with the location and environment. Generally the Balinese traditional architecture is decorated by kinds of cravings and statues.


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