About Us

A local agency for an Authentic Travel:

Our local agency is based in Bali , we operate all around Indonesia. What we love to do is introduce the Indonesian Archipelago with a unique local touch.

We want to help our traveler  to discover the amazing culture, history,  wildlife and the beautiful landscape that Indonesia has to offer in it’s most simple and original way!

Every traveler has different expectations ! We make sure that all our quotation is highly personalized . 

I8 Years of experience: Indonesia is our home !

We are  specialist of all the islands that we propose; we work with the greatest partners to offer you great services that are reliable,safe, and sustainable.

We have organised more than 20 000 Travel !


Our Philosophy:

 We are committed to observing certain principles in the daily practice of our profession.
For tourism to be a positive act .

  • We like to respect and support our local populations – Farmers , sellers , local partners we work with.
  • We like to respect the environment in which we propose our different Tours and Activities.
  • We like to respect our engagement towards our clients, European Partners and our own team.


We want to highlight the local cultural heritage and encourage the perpetuation of traditional customs and lifestyles.

This commitment translates concretely into various actions within the KBA Tur agency ( photos)